10 Travel Hacks to Get Cheap and Best Travel Deals

Getting flight tickets at the cheapest deals is itself an art. It saves you lots of bucks that you can spend otherwise on different activities or food. No matter you are planning a holiday in advance or it is a last-minute trip, there are always some hidden deals.

To make you get handy at this art, here are some tricks that can emerge as a saviour for you:

When to Buy Flight Tickets?

Flight Booking

Each flight system is updated early in the morning. It is the time when tickets on hold for overnight are released and get cheaper. The timing for updating prices for flight system is around 1 am. So, whenever you have to buy a ticket, grab some snacks and stay awake until midnight to get the flight tickets at better price.

When to Catch the Flights?

Timing of Flights

Choose early morning flights and that too at unusual hours. It is also said that early morning flights do not get delayed (however, do not take it guaranteed).

What’s the Best Period to Travel?

Period of Travel

Tuesday to Thursday is the best period to travel. Monday is packed due to corporate travellers and Friday is packed due to weekend escapers. It simply means that you can get more options for flight timings and at cheaper price.

Festival Sales

Cheap Flights

 All of the major airlines announce slash down in flight fares during some festivals or their anniversaries. Just keep an eye on it and book during these offers.

When to Book Hotels?

Hotel Booking

Sunday nights are the best time to book hotels at the cheapest price. This is the time when travellers have already checked out and corporate guests haven’t checked-in yet. So, make some time and surprise your spouse with night out at a premium suite.

What Should You Ask Hotel Concierge?

Hotel Concierge

Do not hesitate to ask the things from hotel concierge. They are the best city guides. They can help you get the best deals for restaurants & pubs that remain fully occupied when you call. They can also guide to get around hidden tourist spots.

How to Get Premium Accommodation at Cheaper Rates?

Best Hotel Deals

There are cities that are labelled as business cities. Accommodation in these cities is quite expensive and finding the availability is also a huge task. But if you try your luck during weekends, you may have the best deal. As the business meetings are scheduled for week days so weekends remain free. Book a hotel during weekend in business cities and get 5-star accommodation at 3-star price.

Late Check-in

Hotel Check in

Late check-in often results into sale out of standard rooms. So, there are possibilities that you may get higher room category at standard room price.

Flight & Hotel Combo

Hotel & Flight Combo

Generally, flight and hotel combo is offered at discount. So, if you are looking to get flight deals and hotel deals separately, you may also look for a combo and compare the prices.

Use Public Transport

Public Transportation

To get around a destination through bus tours or taxis, public transportation is the best way. Get a map of the destination and board public transportation to explore it in the best and cost-effective way.