From the epical age, begins the historical reference of Agra. In the Mahabharata, Agra was referred to as Agravana. The city has a rich cultural and historical background, which is aptly evident from the innumerable historical monuments all around the city.


Though the Mughal dynasty has lead the heritage of Agra city, numerous other rulers contributed to the rich past of this city. Sultan Sikander Lodhi lead the foundation of his capital in Agra back in 1501 but the city reached the zenith of its glory during the reigns of Akbar, Shah Jahan and Jehangir. It was during this period that the famous fort of all times, the Taj Mahal was built.  The post-Mughal era of Agra witnessed the rule of the Jats, Marathas ultimately the British taking over the city.

Popular Tourist Attractions

  • TAJ MAHAL, which is one of the seven wonders of the worlds and an immortal signature of love, was built by Shahjahan- the fifth Mughal emperor, in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
  • Agra fort: Located on the right bank of the river Yamuna, the fort is embellished with numerous richly decorated building embracing the striking Mughal style of art and architecture.
  • Tomb of Akbar, the great is a glorious architectural masterpiece in the suburbs of Agra.

Nearby Places

  • Mathura: 56 km away from Agra, this city has enormous palaces around the city along with pilgrims and temples surrounded with rivers.
  • Vrindavan70 km away from Agra, this city offers pilgrimage to the devotees of lord Krishna and has spectacular scenic view and a serene ambience.
  • Lucknow: About 76 km distant from the city of Agra, this place offers beautiful palaces, gardens, temples and masjids.

Popular Food Joints

  • Have an absolute delight at theTHE SILK ROUTE RESTAURANT that serve traditional North Indian cuisine and sweet called Petha.
  • DASAPRAKASH MEHER CINEMA COMPLEX:serves traditional North and South Indian food as well as Continental delicacies
  • OLIVE GARDEN:A multi cuisine restaurant for those who believe in savouring variant cuisines.


By Air-The closest proximity is to the Agra Airport, a domestic Airport which is well connected to Delhi, Jaipur and Lucknow by air.

By Road- Buses are available from the all neighboring cities to Agra and taxi services are available as well.