Best Pictures of Supermoon Captured by the Photographers All Over the World

Full moon night is always special. The beauty that full moon holds is just spectacular but the beauty of Supermoon is something more special and more spectacular. It’s beauty is beyond words. Supermoon happened recently, i.e., November 14, 2016. On this day, the moon was at the shortest distance from earth and hence it appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter than the usual full moon. The last time when Supermoon happened was in the year 1948. So, it was happening exactly after 69 years. With much excitement and arrangements, people from all over the world became the witness to this most enchanting event and captured it until it happens the next time. Here are the best 10 Supermoon captures:


1. Breath-taking Supermoon rise beyond Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth, England.

Spinnaker Tower

2. Supermoon sight with contrast background at Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

3. An Aeroplane flying past London Eye, London.

London Eye

4. Rise of Supermoon at Auckland in New Zealand.


5. Supermoon beautifying the Hobart city as it appears above mountain ranges and partially covered with clouds in Australia.


6. Supermoon makes the sight Christ the Redeemer Statue more graceful at Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

Rio De Janeiro

7. Supermoon lit up the ancient Acropolis of Athens in Greece.


8. The dark yellow Supermoon illuminating the sky over Perth, Australia.


9. Supermoon rising behind a church in Jammu, India.


10. The Supermoon rising behind the Power and Light building in Missouri (USA) is a visual treat.