Rajesh, Mumbai

My travel with you was certainly PERFECT , the program and the accommodation arrangements were excellent it was our dream to travel to Leh and you have made the dream a reality , once again we thank you for all the arrangements.

Inma, Spain

Someone has rightly said that to experience India one has to definitely go and visit , The inherent tradition and well maintained culture can be seen in each aspect of the country .Every stone , every Tree , every human being ,every animal speaks only one language the language of Love to their country. Our Rajasthan tour was the best ever and couldn’t have been possible without our tour guide Pawan.

Ammerance, Johannesburg

Hi there from Ammerance Johannesburg.

Thank you for your lovely email. I am back at work, but I am missing India! I have been telling everyone how incredible the country is and that everyone should go. I have of course also told people that I can give them the name of a great tour operator in India- Indecubo Travels.

Inma Cuesta, Spain

We are still full of our best remembrances of our journey to Rajasthan and I do not hesitate to give you our comments. First of all I must congratulate you and your staff for the preparation of every single step and the perfect realization. We were welcomed at any of our stops by your representatives on time who cared for the service at the very spot. The hotels were a whole presentation of all Indian periods between Mughal era and present time and provided the service which was adequate to their age. The guides were well prepared and were able to introduce us to the special issues of their home places. The best remarks will be deserved by our drivers. Both had the best knowledge of their relevant region including landscape, objects of interest, rest places and view sites. They provided a safe and comfortable transport even in dangerous situations and could optimize the itinerary if necessary.

So we again were happy with the commitment of your staff and of all your representatives and we are sure we can recommend your service to everybody interested in a journey to India.

Horst Schmidt-Wellenbrg, USA

To all who wish a good trip to India
My wife and I travelled to India this July along with 5 of our good friends from the USA and Canada. Although we know India quite well, since we were travelling with others, we wanted to find a suitable travel agent to make all the arrangements as per the various places we wished to visit.
We prayed and searched the website and we found Indecubo Travels. With all confidence I can say that we could not have found a better tour operator to take care of us in India.
We travelled for 3 weeks, visited Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Dehradun, Mussorie, Chennai, Mahabalipuram beach ,Thekkady, Kovalam beach, Alleppy house boat and more. We stayed in 12 different hotels. The team took care of everything in the north and south of India very efficiently and professionally. The hotels were very comfortable with swimming pools to cool us down at the end of each day. The food, the chai in the north and coffee in the south were exceptional.
Team at Indecubo Travels is very friendly and at the same time professional. They are accommodating and adjusting to our needs. And their rates are very reasonable.

Indhu and Mathew BC, Canada

After boarding 4 flights from continent to continent, upon finally approaching New Delhi, India, much excitement begins to build. The city was very hot and humid so reaching the first hotel was exhilarating. We traveled much with many hotel stays and they all were very nice with swimming pools for an evening cool-off.
In the North of India, traveling through the villages was quite different from the south. Cows had just as much citizenship and respect as the people. The vehicles steered around them always. All the temples and tour sites were beautiful as the pictures taken describes. The Tai Mahal was an awesome site with many photo spots available. After all the excitement, it contains only the tombs which show how much the love of his wife actually meant to him.
The most exciting event was driving up high in the Himalayas Mountains on narrow roads in a big bus. Much fear wanted to creep in but we prayed and song until we reached our destination. We stopped about every 3 hours for a coffee or chai break which is definitely an India tradition. Devotion was mandatory every morning with cards and dancing each night. We had much fun mimicking each other and singing on the long bus trips. It was amazing to see that Indhu could sleep under even the bumpiest rides and Alice can nap on a crowded boat safari.
My naps were on the long bus rides which were expected. Our tour guide was surprised to see a group so committed to the Lord showing love to everyone. It was fun for the group to see the joy and fulfilment on Mathew and Indhu’s face as they travelled down memory lane seeing their old friends and schools where they taught many years ago. The talent show revealed hidden talents among the group in which they didn’t know existed that was production ready.To end the trip, Mathew’s family extended great hospitality to each of us as if we were part of the blood family. Shopping ended our trip in Chennai and we were so appreciative of all the prayer partners on the homefront.

Sylvia Maria, USA

The trip was very well thought , planned to include areas of interest and places where the Mathews have lived, studied and teach. The drivers were very competent, the accomodations very good.The food very hot ,spicy and some very good. We started in New Delhi ,then drove to Jaipur ,the pink city where we saw historical building that were very interesting. People everywhere , also cows in the street wondering and left alone/ ignore like they belong there. Agra was another city we visited, Saw the Taj Mahal ,one of the seven wonders , very unique,beautiful.Then we drove through the Himalayan , what a site! uphill, beautiful drive through the curves , tall trees and houses up in the mountains.
Visited the beautiful campus where Indhu grew up, went to school and was the first women to teach there.Some of the people they knew were still there. Indhus father was much love there and still remembered,
Also visited Missoury another campus where both Indhu and Mathew taught ,built in a hill , lots of stairs , am sure help the students and teacher kept fit. Saw the church where they were married.
Then we flew to the south of India , a more tropical type weather ,visited Chennai where Indhu's parent retired to and the summer house for Vij and Ritesha. Went through different towns , taking breaks for Chai tea and bathroom,
We sang in the bus, play cards ,visit with each other etc.Really had fun .
Visited the catholic school where Mathew was place at 14 y,o.
Visited Mathews family, we stayed at one of his brothers , very nice house and the family was very hospitable and friendly. they treated us like royalty
Others members of his family joined us for different activities

We have Bible studies every day sometimes in the bus as we travel to the next destination.The fellowship and teaching was very special , There was correction as needed, preparing the bride for the second coming of the Lord .
I need a lot of polishing of the rough edges in my soul.
There was some shopping, clothing is cheaper there , I was not able to find /buy what I really wanted and needed.( silver chain and white embroidered in white blouses, which I can buy in Old San Juan made in India )
The climate was very hot and humid my curly hair really suffer like never before.
Was nice to had Tom and Trish joined us for the weekend,they were fun.
I believe the purpose of the trip was was accomplished, wish the Mathew's
family will have remove the blindness, soften their heart to the Lord. But the seeds were planted

It was a marvelous trip, thanks you Mathew and Indhu for your hard work and
for given me the opportunity to joined you in your trip down memory lane.
God Bless you abundantly.