Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do i book a trip through

Step 1: Search available trips on our website or you may request for a new trip or customize the existing trip.

Step 2: We will provide the best quotes in response to your trip request.

Step 3: Choose the one that suits your needs best

Step 4: Pay and book your trip

How is the process of payment done?

Tickets can be booked online by providing you card details. All kinds of cards are accepted.  It is for the convenience of all the customers. You can opt for payment through NEFT to the given bank details.


Although, making reservations through credit card would require authorization from the card company.

How much in advance should i book my ticket?

Since there is a particular season most especially in winters with vacations going on the reservations are hard to be made. Therefore, it is advisable for all to decide on the month they want to go on the trip and book a little early to avoid any trouble and disappointment.

How do I change or cancel my bookings?

To make any such changes you would require calling the office or mailing in the given email id about the exact changes you would like to be done.


The details of the office would be given to you while your booking is done such as, telephone number and email address.


There might be few cancellation or changes that cannot be altered. Penalty on packages may apply according to the time and season.

Do I receive a car and other accommodation voucher?

There are no vouchers available on making an automated booking. For assisted booking you may have to prepay and receive all the documents. Your tour status would be mailed to you with the confirmation of the hotels desired by you. And all the vouchers will be handed over to you on your arrival in India.

How do I obtain refund for a previously booked air ticket?

The ticket or the e-ticket needs to be given back along with a letter explaining the cancellation made by you. The other reservations made would be settled by the concerned service provider. Also the cancellation of the ticket would be made by the airline keeping in mind the terms and conditions and therefore may take up to 8 weeks.

How safe is my information?

This is one of the major concerns for most of the people. We make sure there is no leakage of information of our customers in any way. Our policy ensures privacy by all means.

How safe would it be for single travelers?

There are number of people travelling alone. This helps in making new friends and getting to know more about different cultures and places too. Since there are a group of people you will always be in company of many and will also have a guide who will be responsible to make sure that there is no upheaval and that everyone is safe until the complete trip.


Thus, there is no need to worry. For your own safety you could also share a room with the fellow traveler of same sex or have an individual room allotted to you. Arrangements can be made as per your desire.


Changes can be made to your bookings while on the trip too, but after seeing if there is any vacancy.

How many people would I be traveling with?

There would be from about 12-20 people of different age groups. We make sure to avoid making it a big crowd so as to maintain the count and safety of everyone.

Can a private itinerary be made if I do not want to travel in a group?

Such plans can be made too exclusively for you and the way you want it to be like. You would need to contact the team for assistance on this. Since we are well aware of the places and the locations you might want to visit while on your trip we can make your travel plan exciting as well as convenient.

All information would be given on our web page for such customized travel plans.