Nagaur Festival – 13 Day Tour


‘Witness Sufi Spirit with Nagaur Festival Tour Package’


True to our style of seeking places rarely visited by tourists and yet authentic, we propose a beaten path, off-road circuits along, in a region known, but in the far corners of Thar Desert, still hiding the characteristic villages of mud huts inhabited by pastoral communities that have maintained a traditional lifestyle. There are deserted landscapes but are certainly not those of Sahara!


The tour will start from Delhi and its most interesting aspect will be, to participate in the Fair of Nagaur, one of the main markets disesteemed of Rajasthan. But the true essence of Rajasthan lies in its architectural gems: the singular fortress on Kumbalgarh Aravalli mountains, with the imposing walls, second in size and length only to Great Wall of China; the magnificent Jain temple of Ranakpur, finely carved in white marble is considered as the most beautiful in the country; the old fort of Bhadrajun, where the local Maharaja will lead us through villages of their land holdings. Not to mention Udaipur, the “white city”, with the romantic Lake Pichola, and Jodhpur, the “blue city”, with imposing fortress of Mehrangarh Fort.


Tour Programme – This 13 day tour inculcates the sight spotting across Delhi, Jodhpur, and Nagaur, covering the most picturesque locales.




Romance and vibrancy will greet you on arrival at India’s splendid city- Delhi. In the morning, you will be received and escorted to domestic terminal to board the flight to Jodhpur. On landing in Jodhpur, the local staff will welcome you and take you to hotel. In the afternoon, you will be free to explore Jodhpur, the so-called “blue city”, consisting of a cluster of blue cubic houses that stretch along the edge of desert, from the top of a rocky ridge dominated by imposing and singular fortress of Mehrangarh Fort. Finally, you will visit lively Sardar Market, at the center of which stands the Clock Tower. Overnight stay will be at a hotel in Jodhpur.


After breakfast, we will move towards North to Nagaur (about 150 kilometres), an ancient Rajput settlement surrounded by high walls and dominated by a massive fort that dates back to fourth century , with picturesque streets and buildings that create an atmosphere suspended in time. Lunch on arrival in Nagaur will be followed. Accommodation for an overnight stay in tents in Nagaur is planned. Private bathroom with toilet inside each tent will be provided.


Day 3 will be all set for a full day sightseeing at Nagaur. First to hit on the card will be Nagaur Fort. This fort has seen many battles of 2nd century. You will see numerous temples and palaces turned museum inside the fort. It is centrally located and is also called sandy fort.


Further we will move to see Tarkeen Dargah. A short stop here will push us to move towards Saiji ka Tanka. A symbol of communal harmony, it is the Samadhi (cremation) of a renowned saint.


Next in queue will be Amar Singh Rathore temple. We will then return to hotel. Our overnight stay will be here in Nagaur itself.


After breakfast, you will arrive at the venue of Nagaur cattle fair, which brings together the rural population of the district. Tens of thousands of heads of livestock between camels, oxen, buffalo, cows, horses, sheep and goats are seen in one place. The merchants with colourful turbans and long moustaches, boasting the best traditional clothes, women exhibit a profusion of traditional jewellery. It is held every year in the month of January. During the fair Nagaur attracts a sea of lavishly decorated animals, between bullocks, camels and horses.


Later we would drive to Osian, an ancient town located in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan state in western India. Located 65 kilometres North-East of Jodhpur, Osian is an oasis in Thar Desert, famous as home to cluster of 8th to 11th century temple ruins, also an important pilgrimage center for Oswal Jain community.  You will get to explore the sand dune of famous Thar Desert of Rajasthan, with expansive views of vast desert on one side and the intricate temples of Osian on other.


This destination, can be best enjoyed on a camel ride to local desert villages to meet local tribes, the Bishnois and Bhils, potters and weavers and shepherds in their natural surroundings, not to mention the various varieties of desert wildlife such as blue bulls, gazelles, foxes, peacocks and partridges to name but a few. Once at the camp, dinner and overnight stay is planned in tents in Osian.


After breakfast you will leave for Khichan bird sanctuary in Dechu village. Khichan today is a World Heritage Site, attracting tourists around the world who come to see the demoiselle cranes and the smallest cranes in the world feeding right in the middle of a human settlement. Located 50 kilometres in North of Jodhpur, this small sleepy village, renowned for its abundant avian biodiversity has established a tradition of feeding wild birds, including the Demoiselle Cranes those come here each winter. You’ll return to Dechu for dinner and overnight stay will be at tents in Dechu.


After breakfast, you will continue to unravel the mysteries of this desert. Spend the day to understand the traditions of Thar Desert better. It’s not just a popular belief but proven on geographical grounds that most of Rajasthan, West of Aravallis was under the sea. The withdrawal of the sea has resulted in the formation of salt lakes called ‘Dhands’ and salt pans known as ‘Sars’.


Having gained in commercial value, most of the smaller towns in the Thar desert not only started their activities as salt centres but also owe their location to the ‘Sars’, which is why the names of several of the towns in Thar desert  end with ‘Sars’ – Kitasar, Lunkaransar, Dhirdesar, Jaitsar, Sirangsar, and Kansar, etc.


Spread across the area of 74,000 square feet in North- West India, this is the country’s only desert. Stay with charming, hospitable community and enjoy a camel trek and night among the dunes. Immerse yourself in liveliness of Thar Desert and discover time-honoured traditions, such that you get a good balance between activity and relaxation.


After breakfast, you will witness the magnificence of Bhadrajun Fort, located in Bhadrajun village in Jalore district of western part of Rajasthan. The historical significance of this fort and its name dates back to and is directly linked to Mahabharata epic. The word ‘Bhadrajun’ comprises of two words, the name of ‘Subhadra’, sister of Lord Krishna and ‘Arjuna’, the third among five Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. Initially called “Subhdr-arjun”, over the years it came to be known as “Bhadrajun”.


Built in 16th century by Rathore kings of Marwar, it is located in Jalore district within Luni River basin. Today, the present Raja of Bhadrajun, is the 17th generation occupying Bhadrajun Fort and runs it as a heritage hotel. After a day visiting numerous historic monuments in and around the village Bhadrajun, you will return to hotel for dinner and overnight stay will be at Bhadrajun.


We will visit Bhadrajun after breakfast, the terrain changes from sandy tracts to green hills, and enroute villages are picturesque. Beautiful Bhadrajun village is a visual treat, located at foothills of Aravali hills, glowing in Royal Glory! Bhadrajun remained to be central hub for villages around, for essential infrastructural facilities that it boasted of. Bhadrajun embodies diverse cultures and communities; one will get to see people of all faiths residing here in perfect harmony. The day ends with dinner and overnight stay at Bhadrajun.


After breakfast we will drive to magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fort. At a distance of 64 kilometres, north-west of Udaipur, in Rajasmand district, this fort is built atop hill 1,100 metres in altitude, the perimeter walls of Kumbhalgarh (36 kilometres in length), claimed to be the longest in the world after the Great Wall of China. This impregnable mountain fortress depicts the cultural and historical richness of Kumbhalgarh. It was built by Maharana Kumbhain in 15th century AD. Many magnificent palaces and ruined temples within fort date back to Mauryan period, built during the reign of grandson of the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. Dinner and overnight stay will be at a hotel in Kumbhalgarh.


You will take a full-day excursion from Kumbhalgarh to see matchless beauty of sculpted collection of Jain temples at Ranakpur. Renowned as one of the five holy places for Jain community, these were created in the 15th century, during reign of Rana Kumbha. You will surely be astounded at the sight of central four faced temple, dedicated to Adinathji. A creation with exclusive 29 halls and 1,444 pillars, all distinctly carved, is an amazing evidence of the genius sense of architecture that enhances the charm of place.


Later proceed for Udaipur, upon arrival check in at the hotel and relax in the evening, enjoy a boat ride on Lake Pichola, which will leave you completely mesmerized. Overnight stay will be at a hotel in Udaipur.


After breakfast in Udaipur, the “City of Sunrise”, you will set out to explore the city, best described as the most romantic city in India. The tour takes you to City Palace, to see the palaces within the palace, gardens, museums, galleries and the combined awe inspiring architecture, distinct to that of Rajput, Mughal, European and Chinese. Built around four lakes, the blue waters reflect the majestic white palaces and temples of Udaipur. Later visit Jagdish Temple, built to dedicate Lord Laxmi Narayan. You will witness thess three storeyed temple, beautifully carved with lush and painted walls.


Next in schedule will be Sahelion ki Bari, also known as the Garden of maids. You will see the alluring central courtyard with central tank. The out-lawns of courtyard have fountains, flower beds and pools. It is said that this garden was built for 48 maids, received as dowry by Maharana Sangram Singh.


Overnight stay will be is at a hotel in Delhi.


On arrival in Delhi, the national capital of India and also a major political, cultural and financial hub you will be greeted and escorted to airport for your onward journey.

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