Pune commonly pronounces ‘Poona’ is the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. It is also known as the ‘Queen of Deccan’ and also the ‘Oxford of the East’. Along with the fact that it has had a brilliant history, it is now a land of unfulfilled potential and opportunities. Located on the Deccan plateau 560 meters above the sea level, it was the Maratha stronghold for a very long time before the British invaded the area. Pune now attracts students and immigrants from all over India as well as the world due to its renowned universities and budding tertiary sector.

Popular Tourist Attractions

  • Shanivaar Wada was great palace administered by the great rulers among the Peshawas. In 1827,the palace was destroyed by a huge fire that broke out. However, the humongous walls of the manor were left intact and unscathed. The architectural style is a combination of Mughal and Marathi influences.
  • The Dagdusheth Halwaai Temple is a Lord Ganesh Temple near the Shanivaar Wada. It is rumored that this idol of Lord Ganesha brings your wishes to reality if you pray with a sincere heart. Other than fact, the ambience of the temple is truly magnificent. The temple has now been modernized with air condition and glass doors and is paid visit by millions of believers from all over India.
  • The Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is situated in the heart of the city on the ever-busy Bajirao road. This museum has many things on display, right from hairpins and brooches to rifles and broadswords. If you keep interest in such rare artifacts, you must surely visit this museum someday.
  • The Rajiv Gandhi National Park at Katraj sports over a large number of wild animals held in captivity including both the species oftigers, leopards, deers, porcupines and sloth bears. The National Park also has a special area reserved for snakes and reptiles.

Nearby Places

  • Lonavala is a very delightful hill station about 64 km or 1 hour away from Pune. The hill station is also known for its temples, lakes, caves and forts. It is also known as the best place to buy sweet-bits like chikki, jelly and fudges.
  • Khandala is another hill station about an hour away from Pune. Khandala is well known for its exotic locations and hiking.

Popular Food Joints

There are many local joints where you can enjoy the local food like Misal Pav (spicy curry served with bread) and many other things.

Best Things to Do

Try to know about the history of the place. Besides you can go shopping in various malls.