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Sri Lanka is an island country and is situated in the southern coast of the Indian sub-continent. It is home to many ethnicities, languages and religion. Although the country is small in size, it is one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world. There are a number of sites to see in this wonderful country that believes in spreading harmony and peace. The culture of this Bhutan dates back over 2500 years and is influenced primarily by Hinduism and Buddhism.


There are a number of dishes that are available only in this part of the world. The meal includes rice and pittu, kiribath, whole meal roti, string hoppers and some sweet dishes.


There are different kinds of rituals like the Esala Perahera, a Buddhist festival that is celebrated with much pomp and show, with lots of colour and glory. In April the country celebrates the Hindu and the Buddhist-New Year. Thai Pongal, Maha Shivratri and Hajj celebrated by the Muslims, are few other festivals celebrated in this country.


Along with water sports people interested in scenic beauty can have an amazing time clicking pictures of splendid places one gets to see in Sri Lanka. There is wildlife and an old heritage to look for. Beautiful beaches and body baths done to compose your mind of all the stress will leave you glowing. There is color and light and dance and food that will give you all you need to make it your best holiday ever.

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