Srinagar was founded by king Pravarasena in the 3rd century BC, more than 2000 years ago. It was one of the biggest empires of the Indian subcontinent under the ruling Maurya Empire. Srinagar is known as the summer capital, business center and holiday place of India. It is situated in the Kashmir Valley, a modern water world with twisting waterways.

  • Dal lake is said to be the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the second largest lake in the state also famous as “srinagar’s Jewel”. It has become an important aspect in commercial operations in water plant harvesting and fishing. The Dal lake covers an area of 18 square kilometers which is a part of natural wetland and floating garden.
  • Shalimar Bagh Srinagar is a Mughal type of gardens built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir for his wife in 1969. It is also known as Shalamar garden, Farah Baksh, Shalamar Bagh and Faiz Baksh. This bagh is high point of Mughal horticulture and is a public park now.
  • Gulmarg Gondola or Gulmarg is the Cable Car ropeway project, a joint venture of the Jammu and Kashmir government and Pomagalski (French firm). It’s a 2 stage ropeway ferries, an average of 600 people per hour travels with it. Timing of the Gulamrg is 10AM to 5PM, but highly dependent on weather.
  • Sonamarg is located at an altitude of 2,740 m above the sea level. Breathtaking glaciers, Serene lakes and snow covered areas made Sonamarg a must visit trekking places. It is 76 Km from Srinagar, which might take 1 hour 30 minutes of traveling time.
  • Pahalgam is a hill station popular for Golf, Trekking, Horse riding and fishing. A complete tourist point and the most recommended place.

If you’ve been told that Kashmiri Wazwan (multi-course meal made of meat) is the best dish of Srinagar, take a pause and read more. Srinagar has much more to relish. Some very popular dishes include; Tujji (mutton seekh kebab) and Kashmiri Naan.

Kahwah (traditional green tea of Kashmir) is what is served as regular tea in Srinagar. Lal Chowk is very popular street to explore variety of authentic Srinagar food. Stream, Ahdoos, Krishna Vaishno Dhaba, Coffee Arabica, Shamyana restaurant, Noorani restaurant and Mughal Darbar are the travelers recommended food joints in srinagar.

Srinagar is served with number of highways including national highway 1A and 1D. International and domestic Air has regular flights for comfortable travel direct to Srinagar airport area. Srinagar railway connects to most of metro cities in India. Cable car is an option allowing you to travel to Sufi saint Makhdum Sahib (Hari Parbat). Enjoy the local transport on the woodden boats at Dal lake.

Don’t miss visiting the Lal chowk, The Shikara ride, boating Trekking, fishing, Floating vegetable market and Himalayan Excursion. If can find time, a visit to the Amarnath Temple- holy shrine for hinduism and Pari Mahal would make your visit to Srinagar complete.

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