Why Varansi Should Be Definitely On Your Travel Bucket List?

It has never been enough said about the divinity and spirituality of Varanasi – the ‘City of Ghats’ or the ‘Spiritual Capital of India’. Historically known as Banaras or Kashi, it is one of the most vivacious, implacably frenzied and imprudent destination in India. It is the place that creates the magical moments for travellers and imbibes in their soul for lifetime.


Being one of the seven holy cities for Hindus, it is one of the most ancient and consistently inhabited cities in this world. Pilgrims visit the ghats along River Ganges so that their sins of lifetime are washed away in the sacred water of Holy River. People also come here to cremate their closed ones or to perform the last rituals. It is regarded as an auspicious place to die at as it offers liberation of soul. Thus, Varanasi is also called the beating heart of Hindu universe. This destination holds a magic, a unique aura and ambiance that is definitely not for a faint-hearted. On your visit to Varanasi, you may become the witness to the many practices of life and death performed in public. The sights, the sounds, the smell, the food, the ghats and everything else make Varanasi an impeccable destination. It is unique and a long walk along the ghats will become your favourite memory of India tour. You may also opt for a boat ride on River Ganges and soothe your soul with enchanting mantras or arti during morning or evening.

Ganga Arti
Boat Ride

Old city of Varanasi is a maze of alleys or galis (the narrow lanes). Situated along Western bank of River Ganges, the city is extended to the tangles of its narrow lanes. You may found yourself lost in here but ultimately you will end up at a ghat from where you can reach wherever you want. However, the popular hotels bear the sign boards. Apart from ghats, there are many old temples in Varanasi that are worth visiting. Also, do not miss the street food of Varanasi.

Diwali Banaras

Dev Deepavali (‘Diwali of Gods’ or ‘Festivals of Lights of Gods’) is a popular festival celebrated in Varanasi. It falls on Kartik Poornima or full moon day of Kartika month (November- December) according to Hindu calendar. All the ghats are lit up with millions of earthen lamps during this festival. It is the best sight ever that one could witness. It is celebrated in the honour of River Ganges and the presiding Gods.

Varanasi can be visited all year round but monsoon is often avoided. During monsoon and post monsoon, the level of River Ganges becomes too high, so visiting ghats can become a dangerous affair.

Are you planning to visit India? Keep Varanasi on your list.